Friday, 23 November 2012


London Brown; shoe love.

When I went to Bangkok two years ago there was one brand that really stood out to me of all the many boutiques (and trust me, there are many), an independent shoe brand by the name of 'London Brown'. The best hand-made, made-to-order, beautifully crafted and designed, comfortable (and weatherproof!) shoes I have found yet. They design unisex shoes that embody everything that I love in androgynous-wearing-your-boyfriends-clothes-style. 

This year, we went back and the boy picked up three more pairs of beautifully made-to-order Oxford suede shoes. Fast-forward to this week, he was pottering around the house in them and I couldn't stop kicking myself for not getting a pair earlier this year. And so! I decided to order my very own pair of navy blue suede wingtip brogues with white laces. Dreamy.

I have to wait a month but know it'll be worth it! You can check out their Facebook Page here, or follow them on Instagram @londonbrownshop to see all of their designs and get more info. They have some beautiful Loafers and Oxfords i'm coveting too.
Here are the ones I ordered below! What do you think?

Images courtesy of London Brown.