Saturday, 6 October 2012


And just like that, I feel the urge to own a leather lunch bag and furry Birkenstocks.

If you hadn't guessed already, Céline is without a doubt my favourite brand. Not just because of the style, but because working and studying in PR has made me appreciate a hundred times more what Phoebe Philo has achieved for Céline's current image and representation. Each season I eagerly wait for Paris to see what she has created, and (although I don't normally post show reviews), I couldn't resist posting the SS13 show. 
Firstly, I love the use of less obvious colour choices for summer; monochrome, greys and navy, contrasting with the subtle amount of bright colours and nudes used in the accessories. I normally hate dressing for summer, the last few seasons it's been about scary neon prints and bright colours (which I can't do) so thank you Céline for providing us with another option. Moreover, the use of wafer-thin leather and draped silks kept the brand true to it's minimalistic look, but with a softer approach from the more structured materials we've seen Céline use previously.
Now for the accessories; the furry Birkenstocks. So many mixed reviews on these; not a practical option for sure (fur on the soles of your feet in the summer, maybe not) but I think they are kind of amazing. Even the fur heels, although insanely impractical and crazy, made the collection just that bit cooler (the yellow heels strangely remind me of sesame street.. in a good way, though).
The clutches were my favourite piece, I love how they look like leather lunch paper bags, even in the satin version too.
Oh and I really want to find a leather scrunchie-style wristband, immediately.

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