Sunday, 28 July 2013


My top essentials for this month, some oldies and newbies that I wanted to share with you all. 
White sneakers are my new favourite shoe fix this summer and so naturally the Marant sneakers have been permanently fixed to my feet. The Celine Trapeze I bought earlier in the year has knocked any doubts I had of buying another black bag; the perfect all-year bag and my number one best investment.

As far as make-up goes, these are my only essentials! Firstly, Lucas PawPaw Balm which has to be the best lip protecting balm since the beginning of time. I mean it; I've been using it as long as I can remember and most definitely couldn't live without it. 

The latest in Chanel Cosmetics are the 'Les Beiges' range, something I tried out when I was in Singapore a couple of months ago when on the hunt for a moisturising, glowing, non-sticky-give-me-Miranda-Kerr's-skin alternative. I found the All-in-one Healthy Glow Cream ticked all the boxes; really hydrating and you don't need to use much of it at all. The mega bonus has to be the 30+ SPF factor, which is super important in my books for protecting skin. 
The Heathy Glow Cream was so good I opted for the Healthy Glow Powder too; it's so light and can be used on it's own or with the Cream; if you like a natural, light coverage finish I would totally recommend it.

Have you tried any new (or old) products that are now your fixed essentials? Please share your thoughts! Happy Sunday all!

Celine Trapeze Bag and Sunglasses, Chanel 'Les Beiges' Healthy Glow Cream and Powder