Monday, 4 March 2013


Let's talk about the sandal that'll be everywhere this summer (and where you can get something similar) thanks to the genius inspiration that is Phillip Lim. The gladiator sandal comes and goes every year, but the closed toe is what makes these just that bit cooler; the PJ sandal is available in black and two-tone. It's definitely a shoe must-have for this season (alongside the likes of Alexander wang's cut-out sandals) and I really hope the 'PJ' reference is to being able to actually wear them with your pyjamas, because I think this relates to half my wardrobe. But if you're not quite ready to justify spending money on sandals instead of.. er, rent! Do not fear! Zara have once again found the seven changes necessary to rip off these beauties. I hate to say it, but although the real 'PJ's are far more intricate in the detailing (and the overall quality is obviously so much better) the similarities make it too good to be true at just £40. 
Alternatively, if you're thinking 'what the hell, it's March in England and my feet are freezing thanks' then these Topshop Premium boots kind of give off the Phillip Lim vibe, without the cut-out-ness.

3.1 Phillip Lim 'PJ' Sandals, available here and here!

Zara Cut-Out Sandals; available here!

Topshop Premium 'Powerful' Boots. Sold out online; available in-store!